8 Quick Techniques for Better Test Taking

1. Create a culture of positivity before the test

a. Taking time to envision success can go a long way toward making it a reality

i. Have them picture themselves achieving some kind of academic goal

2. Administer a practice test

a. give students a chance to get comfortable with the test format

3. Practice Techniques to lower stress levels

a. Breathing b. Stretching

4. Avoid the morning rush

a. Prepare clothing, food etc. the night before

5. Provide some healthy, hearty snacks

a. Fish - Omega-3s are a wonderful way to maintain concentration abilities, brain capacity and general alertness

b. Dark fruits and veggies for antioxidants

i. Blueberries + Apples

ii. Nuts + Spinach

c. Complex carbohydrates

i. oatmeal is a great pre-test breakfast option

6. Read the questions + ALL answers before marking anything

7. Use time wisely

a. Don’t spend too much time on any one question

b. No extra points for finishing early

c. Answer ALL questions even if unsure

8. Eliminate choices

a. Obviously wrong

b. Answers that are only partly correct

c. An educated guess gives you a 75% chance of getting it right!

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