A Wholistic way to deal with stressful situations

So stress is all based on the “what if” scenario game. As stress comes from worry about what may  or may not come. So the key to life is “staying in the present.”

Breath Work: Lower belly “centering breath” - this breath allows you to feel grounded and centered. Coming back to Self. Good for gaining control of what you can and letting go of what you cannot. 1. Notice where your breath is in your body. Bring it down to the low belly and place your hands there. Inhale through the nose into your low belly for 3 counts, pause at the top for 1 and then exhale for double for a count of 6.  Repeat as many times as you like.

Heady & low belly connecting breath: -This breath brings you back to the circulation of feelings and emotions that’s arise throughout the day so they do not get “stuck” 1. Bring left hand on low belly if female and right hand on heart if male, and opposite bring right hand on low belly if male and left hand one heart.


1. Simple shoulder roll, to the front and to the back.

2. Simple twist. Remember body follows gaze. Make sure as you inhale to elongate the spine and as you exhale to twist from the mid belly.

3. Interlacing fingers under the chin, and bringing elbows together, this opens the upper back and thoracic spine. Then on and inhale tilt chin back as you slight give pressure, on the exhale open elbows wide and exhale out of the mouth the word “Haaa” this calms the mind, body and spirit because it is the sound of the heart.

4. Side neck stretches. Super flex the fingers  as you place one hand next to one hip and allow the arm to be straight. Tilt the head opposite way of the arm that is extended. Ex. If left arm is out straight with left wrist and fingers flexed then the head tilts to the right. For extra pressure, place the opposite hand on the side of the head. Keeping with the same scenario the right hand would be placed on the left side of the head.

4. Cat/ Cow stretch. Place hands on your legs, palms facedown. As you inhale allow the heart to lead and your chest comes through your biceps, and if comfortable you’re more than welcome to open the throat. Then as you exhale round the spine and bring chin to chest. Lean back for extra stretch.

And last but not least. Make sure to just let it all go. Shrug those shoulders up and exhale with a dramatic release. Feel everything melt away!

Thank you again Eva! If you would ever like to do this again I’d be honored.

With love and light,  Rebecca

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