Jenks Solutions for Drop Off & Pick Up

Things to know . . .

1. When parking for less than or about 10 minutes

Use valid parking spaces on Ardleigh & Germantown

Use Market at the Fareway parking lot, entrance is on Southampton

Do not park in or block driveways or crosswalks

2. Ardleigh St. QUICK DROP-OFF

Only drop off on the school side of the street going downhill

A Jenks staff member will be there to help students out of cars

We do not want staff crossing in front of oncoming traffic for a car on the opposite side of street

3. Front entrance of school

Buses and Vans may only park on Southampton in front of the building during school hours. Please DO NOT IDLE OR PARK to allow buses and vans through.

4. Intersection of Germantown and Southampton

Mrs. Pendleton is our crossing guard at this intersection - She will help children across the street if available

Please do not park in the crosswalks

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