☕️ Oct. 5th Principal’s Coffee Hour Notes

Dear Parents, I thought I’d summarize a few key items from the Principal’s Coffee Hour this morning. 💕Our first ‘Open to All HSA Meeting’ is Wed. October 17th 6:30-8PM at the Chestnut Hill Library. We hope to see you there!  For more info on meeting go to 👉🏼

💫Reach (Jenks Gifted) Program: Mr. Kenyon is the coordinator for the Reach Program. We have 63 students currently in the program who meet the criteria below. This program is in its infancy and growing at Jenks.  Reach allows for the school to add qualifying students at anytime. Students only leave the program when they leave the school or if there are extenuating circumstances where the student is asking to leave because they are missing class and falling behind. Please note: Students in this program miss class time. 1. Academic record 2. Communication Skills 3. Attendance record 4. Specialist Recommendation 5. PSSA testing (4th-8th grades) 6. AIMSweb testing (1st-3rd grades) 🗝Jenks property security: Parents are concerned about trespassers on Jenks property because there are too many non-staff/students in the playground area and crossing the premises during lunch hours when the students are outside. What can we do about Jenks property entrance security?...

🗝First steps: Orange cones will block entrances during lunch from now on because the school is not allowed to close the gates due to fire hazard issues.  The HSA is open to sponsoring more obvious signage. Please send us any and all ideas on this matter.  🍽Lunchtime: 🍴If students feel they need more time to eat their lunch they may stay in the lunchroom to finish. Please note: they will miss recess time. 🍴The 3rd-4th grade breakfast has been moved to 7:50-8:10AM because it was a 45 min process (including moving students to and from the lunchroom) therefore eating up too much 1st period classroom time. The school tried to remedy the situation by moving it into the classrooms to shorten the process, but it created an awful pest problem.

⭐️⭐️Letter going home to 3rd-5th today. Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Lynskey are aware there are students that may come late because of transportation etc. and need that breakfast, those students are on their radar. ⭐️Please let Mrs. Watson know if there is a student needing attention apart from the ones the staff know about. 🍴The monthly menu put out by the district is not lining up with what is being served. Mary has already inquired about this and looking into it further.  From your HSA 💌Contact us anytime

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